Meets the objectives of the EPA’s MOU for greenhouse gases.

Non intrusive, on-line inspections. No outages required, surveillance is performed while your equipment is operational.

Achives environmental and economic benifits.

Click on picture below to view movie showing leak on this bushing.

Laser Imaging for SF6 Detection
Equipment Imaging and Solutions, Inc., offers the service of locating
the origin of Sulfur Hexafluoride gas (SF6) leaks. SF6 is a gaseous
dielectric used by the electric power industry in circuit breakers, gas
insulated substations, and switchgear. SF6 is one of a group of gases
that contributes to global climate change. Ideally, none of this gas
would be emitted to the atmosphere, either directly from operating
equipment or as a result of losses due to maintenance activities.
In practice, however, there are significant emissions from these sources.

Using the Laser Imaging System’s GasVue camera, EIS can detect leaks as
small as 2 pounds per year at safe distances up to 40 feet while the
equipment is operational.

The main thrust of EIS is SF6 emission detection. However, other
services are made available, such as hydrogen leak detection on power
generators, corona UV detection, and thermal imaging using infrared technology.
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